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"Unlike a lecture hall, the theater is not a place to recite opinions: it is a forum in which a community phrases its most pressing questions."

"Not only is silent reading a misnomer—silence may actually be an impediment to reading."

"We are in a laboratory living here in New Orleans at the intersection of the environment and human life. We can see the future happening."

"As I argue in (and through) Silence, a book isn’t a monologue; it’s a conversation."

"If you're not talking about race, you're not talking about New Orleans."

New York Times Essay on Tenth Anniversary of the Levee Collapses
"Why are we still so angry? Even sympathetic newcomers can’t quite figure out why we New Orleanians are not over it a decade later."

New York Times Columns and Videos
"Most of what you think you know about what happened in New Orleans . . . is probably wrong. People distinguish between a pre-Katrina and a post-Katrina city, for example. But such a distinction suggests New Orleans was the victim of a natural disaster. It wasn’t."

"Death is our neighbor."

"Sometimes it takes a catastrophe for innovation to find its need."

Les carnets de route de Francois Busnel on France 5
An interview on Bayou des Allemands
 in Louisiana

le Journal de la Culture Interview on France 24
"To be an author, you have to have authority.  And to have authority, you have to get things right."

Poets & Writers Essay on Writing about Disaster
"I was able to write through the whole ordeal, but I lost the ability to read."

Gambit Weekly Cover Story on Shotgun
"I had no idea how horrible a cold shower could be."

NPR Interview: The Cackle Sisters, Yodeling Queens
"My wife . . . made me work on this essay whenever she wasn't home."